Analytical Services
Take advantage of Alta Care Laboratoires expertise, equipment and resources and let us help you conserve your own resources for Research and Development, provide independent verification of your results, compliment the expertise of your staff, and relieve the strain on your overloaded facilities.

Alta Care Laboratoires recognises the importance of reliability and integrity of results generated on behalf of its clients and to earn the trust of its clients Alta Care Laboratoires worked with the following:

· UKAS - Accredited for the Physical, Chemical and Microbiological analysis of pharmaceutical products in all dose forms.
· Ministry of Health - Italian Health Ministry.
· MCA - Approved by the Medicines Control Agency.
· FDA - Approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.
Alta Care Laboratoires provides a full range of chemical, physical and microbiological services to the pharmaceutical and allied industries. The laboratories have been custom designed to enable us to conduct a wide variety of tests with the utmost precision and efficiency according to our clients' budget.

· Stability Studies, · Method Development and Validation, · Incoming Drug (ID) Testing, · Product Release Testing, · Packaging Excipients and Raw Materials Testing, · Cleaning Protocol/Validation, · Full Microbiological Testing Services, · Expertise in inhalation products, test propellant rations and particle sizes.

General Testing Capabilities:
· Testing according to EP, BP, USP, JP methodology, · HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromotography), · GC (Gas Chromogography), · DR apparatus for tablets, capsules, and topical preparations, auto-samplers to UV or HPLC systems, · AA (Atomic Absorption) / emission with furnace and hydride, · FTIR (Fourier Transform Infra-Red), · Viscometers - broad range, · Physical testing of oral solid dosage forms - friability, hardness, disintegration, · Cleaning validation - wide range of methods available for many drug substances, · ICH (International Committee on Harmonization) storage facilities.

Product Launches
When a new product receives MCA, EMEA, FDA approval, how it gets to market is critical.

Launching pharmaceutical products is complex; a myriad of elements must converge into a well-timed strategy. Alta Care Laboratoires specialises in registration, regulatory affairs, product launches, from initial package design…to the first package on the shelf within days of approval.

During the launch, Alta Care Laboratoires provides its customers with a strategic war room and the tools, resources and project management needed for a successful launch.
· Multiple facilities and locations worldwide,
· State-of-the-art marketing facilities,
· Numerous source controls in the manufacturing of cartons, labels, inserts, and promotional materials,
· Experienced staff support,
· Financial resources to support your projects.





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